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Delicious Banana Scones Recipe – Perfect for Afternoon Tea


Scones with bananas and milk on a wooden cutting board.


Ripe Banana Scones – ideal for afternoon tea! To make these yummy treats, you’ll need:

  • Self-raising flour
  • Salt
  • Caster sugar
  • Butter
  • Mashed banana
  • An egg
  • Yoghurt
  • Baking powder
  • Vinegar
  • Double cream

Here’s how to make Ripe Banana Scones:

All-purpose flour

All-purpose flour is common in baking recipes. It is wheat processed to have a protein level of 10-12%. It can be used for breads, cakes, muffins, scones, and biscuits.

For banana scones, all-purpose flour is best. It gives the scones a moderate strength and helps them rise. Other types of flours may be used if the recipe requires it. But all-purpose flour is always recommended.

Baking powder

Baking powder is a leavening agent. Supermarkets usually have a combination of baking soda and cream of tartar, a drier form of tartaric acid. This helps the dough or batter rise when baked. Both baking soda and cream of tartar react with water to create carbon dioxide. This acts as a catalyst when mixed with acidic ingredients like buttermilk, yogurt or lemon juice. Baking powder also contains cornstarch or flour in small amounts. These help absorb moisture and provide stability while in storage.

For scones, it’s best to use double-acting baking powder. This reacts twice during baking: when wet and again when heated in the oven. This ensures the optimal amount of leavening for a perfectly risen, trouble-free final product.


Salt is essential for baking. It adds flavor and, in larger doses, can even act as a preservative. To make ripe banana scones, either table salt or sea salt is suggested. Table salt is finer, dissolves easier in liquids, but sea salt has a milder flavor and its minerals help with browning. Aim for 1/2 teaspoon of whichever type you choose.


Choose unsalted, high-quality butter with a fat content of at least 80% to ensure the perfect texture and flavor for ripe banana scones. The butter should be chilled before use. This creates fluffy pockets of steam, resulting in an irresistible flakiness. Work quickly with cold butter when making these scones. Too much handling may make them tough and heavy.


Sugar is a mainstay in scone recipes. Most often, granulated white sugar is used, but brown sugar or demerara can be substituted. Amount of sugar up to personal preference. Usually, a tablespoon of white or brown sugar per scone is enough. Artificial sweeteners or honey can also be used instead.

Ripe bananas

When picking your bananas for scones, pay attention to these features:

  • The skin should be dotted with brown spots and just slightly soft. Too many spots means it’s overripe and too sweet.
  • The flesh should give under pressure, no hard pieces.
  • Say no to bruised or damaged areas – they’ll cause a soggy mess.

Ripe bananas are a great source of healthy carbs. They have Vitamin C and B6, plus natural sugars that give scones their flavor without artificial sweeteners. Plus, two tablespoons of mashed banana can replace one egg in vegan recipes. Bananas are so versatile – mash and freeze them for smoothies or ice cream, or just enjoy them fresh!

Ripe Banana Scones A Delightful Afternoon Tea Accompaniment
Ripe Banana Scones A Delightful Afternoon Tea Accompaniment


It’s easy to make yummy ripe banana scones for afternoon tea! You just need some baking ingredients, a bowl and a baking tray. In less than 20 minutes you can have them in the oven and ready to eat!

Let’s begin with the essential steps for making these scones:

  1. Get your ingredients ready!
  2. Mix the dough.
  3. Put it on the tray.
  4. Bake!
  5. Enjoy your fresh scones!

Preheat oven to 375°F

It’s time to bake! Preheat your oven to 375°F. Give the oven time to reach this temperature, 10-15 minutes before you plan to put your scones in. This will ensure that your scones are evenly baked and come out golden brown and delicious!

Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt

Grab a fine mesh sieve. Use it to sift 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 3 teaspoons of baking powder and 1 teaspoon of salt in a mixing bowl. Make sure all the dry ingredients combine and get airy. This is important; it’ll give your scones a light texture. Done? Set aside the bowl. Time to combine the wet ingredients.

Cut butter into small pieces and add to flour mixture

Put a stick of butter in the fridge to firm up. Then, use a cheese grater to grate the butter into thin flakes. Rub these flakes into the self-rising flour with your fingertips. Make sure there are no big chunks, as it can stop the scones from rising. Small chunks are best for a tender, flaky scone.

When the butter is mixed into the flour, add wet ingredients like mashed banana and eggs.

Rub butter into the flour mixture until it resembles breadcrumbs

In a big bowl, mix flour, baking powder, and salt. Use a pastry cutter to cut cold butter into the flour mix until it looks like breadcrumbs. Keep the butter pieces small. If no pastry cutter, use fingertips to rub butter into dry ingredients. Don’t overwork the dough.

If by hand, use quick chopping motions with fingers, not rolling. This guarantees butter won’t melt and get too warm when mixing with flour.

Add sugar and mix

Add sugar to the dry ingredients. Mix well. Ensure all ingredients are lightly incorporated. The mixture should be crumbly and lumpy. This will result in light and fluffy scones.

Then add mashed banana. Stir until it’s mixed evenly. If desired, add raisins or nuts. Mix thoroughly, but don’t overmix or undermix. A wooden spoon works great for scone dough.

Mash ripe bananas and add to mixture

For the yummiest flavor, use bananas that are really ripe. Go for blacker ones! Peel and core them, then cut into slices about 1-2 cm thick. Put the banana in a bowl and mash with a fork into a puree. Add this to your batter mix and stir it all together. Make sure there are no lumps. Doing this adds sweetness and moisture to your scones. Enjoy your light and yummy treat any time of day!

Mix until combined

Grab a medium bowl. Put flour, baking powder and salt in it. Break up any lumps. Cut in the butter until mixed. It should look like small peas.

Add the mashed banana. Mix it with a spoon or spatula. Don’t over mix. That makes scones tough. Gently fold in 1/3 cup of lightly-toasted pecans (if using).


Searching for something unique to bake for your afternoon tea? Banana scones are the answer! The ripe banana, melted butter, and crunchy texture create a delightful treat. Let’s see how to make them!

Ripe Banana Scones. Here we go!

Grease a baking tray

For optimum results, an ovenproof tray or baking dish is best for banana scones. Grease the cooking surface with butter or vegetable oil. Brush a thin layer of oil over the tray. This will make clean-up simpler and guarantee delicious scones every time!

Roll dough into a ball and flatten into a circle

Bring ingredients together and lightly work into dough. Knead with floured hands and surface. Gently flatten dough with a rolling pin until it is 1 cm thick. Use a biscuit cutter or drinking glass to make neat circles. Combine scraps of dough to make more scones. Roll out dough twice max to create uniform circles.

Place scones on greased baking tray with parchment paper. This will help them crisp up and prevent burning or sticking.

Cut into 8 wedges and place on baking tray

Roll out the banana scone dough on a floured surface. Cut it into 8 wedges with a sharp knife. Place the wedges on a baking tray lined with parchment paper or greased with butter. Ensure there is one inch of space between each scone wedge. This helps them cook & rise evenly.

Brush the top of the scones lightly with cream or milk, if desired. Sprinkle course sugar on top for a sweet topping.

Bake in an oven preheated to 375°F (190°C) for 25 minutes until lightly golden brown. Insert a cake tester or skewer into one of the scones to check if they are done. If the tester comes out clean, your scones are ready!


Oven ready? Dough on point? Time to get creative! Split your dough into 8 rounds, or use a biscuit cutter to craft scones in any shape you like. Brush the tops with milk and pop ’em in the oven. What’s next? Let’s see!

Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown

Shape the scones, then plop ’em on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F) and bake for 25 minutes, or until golden brown. During the last few minutes, glaze the scones with egg wash and sprinkle on some granulated sugar. When they’re light golden brown, they’re done! Take ’em out and let cool.

Serve plain or with butter, cream, jam, or marmalade. Enjoy!

Let cool before serving

Once your scones have been taken out of the oven, put them on a cooling rack. Let them cool before serving. This is important for presentation and taste. The cooling helps the scones become firm outside. This makes it easier to slice and serve them, while still keeping the buttery flavor. Also, cooling helps bring out the flavor even more.

The scones stay fresh if covered with wax paper or foil. You can:

  • Refrigerate them for two days in an airtight container.
  • Freeze them for later!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ripe banana scones?

Ripe banana scones are a type of scone that includes mashed ripe bananas in the dough mixture, giving them a unique banana flavor and texture.

Are ripe banana scones easy to make?

Yes, ripe banana scones are relatively easy to make. The dough requires simple ingredients, and the recipe involves mixing dry ingredients with wet ingredients, shaping the dough into a disc, and baking it in the oven.

What occasions are ripe banana scones suitable for?

Ripe banana scones are suitable for many occasions, including afternoon tea, brunch, breakfast, and snacks.

How long do ripe banana scones last?

Ripe banana scones can last for up to three days if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Alternatively, they can be frozen for up to three months.

Can I customize the recipe for ripe banana scones?

Yes, you can customize the recipe for ripe banana scones to suit your tastes. For example, you may add nuts, chocolate chips, or dried fruits to the dough mixture.
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